Thursday Challenge - 1

Now now this is one that I keep seeing in quite a few blogs... N something that am so tempted to take up But welll lemme admit my creative juices arent jus upto the mark! Thou gotta give it to ma poor mind which does try coming up with something each time it sees one..... Ofcourse with zero luck!

But but when we saw the theme this time .... The color 'red'..... it dint hv to think much! The topic creating havoc in ma mind now is 'wedding'... No no don let the warning bells ring! All am talking of is ma fav persons wedding coming up (4 days away :-D) N distant ringing bells for another of ma favs! N what other color symbolizes it betta than 'red'

Ha so now we hv the topic... But an associating pic in red???? Well we were almost abt to give up until some passing luck lighted up ma almost dry creative brains... Must be all these lovely sites tht I lurk around :-D

Ek chootki Sindhoor!

Now now ~~ C'mon no other colors symbolize marriage as these :). Join me in wishing her a v married life ~~ She deserves her share of happiness! N well as for the other 'bell' ~~ I hope it works out for the best!


  1. Congratulations to the bridal couple! Beautiful colours. Red is the colour of happiness. Is the red henna?

  2. :). Thank You for dropping by.

    It aint really the Red henna...Its called 'Sindoor' or vermillion. You may wana read up this to understand its significance in Indian context

  3. Love how deep the red and yellow colors are. Are those some kind of spices? Great shot!
    Thursday Challenge

  4. Wishing the couple a gr8 journey ahead :)
    Have fun :)