R.I.P Uncle Pai!

This piece of news took me back to a few what I call 'Tinkle Memmories'... Now now if u were a child in 80s ur intro to world of books would be more often than not via Tinkle! N then there ofcourse was the famous Amar Chitra Kathas....

Come summer vacations we would be packed off to good old guruvayoor... which meant a daunting 24 hrs journey in train... Now truly Daunting isnt the word to be used... Thou it was the regular 2nd class sleeper n tht too in scorching hot summers, train journeys were always 'Fun times'......Haa the joy of eating those regular cup-cakes n Payam-pooris @ Palaghat(something like  ripe banana bajjis!! Ok we are digressing, so back to the topic.....

Pic Courtesy Google!
 The regular accompaniment in those train journey would be the good old tinkle(Tinkle Digest anybody??) :-D. N we (ma sis included) couldnt wait for the train to start to flip the pages...........Now why should the train start to read a book?? Well well u wouldnt understand those nuances :) Haa memories :) The stories of Hoodja, Supandi, shikari shamboo can still take me back to those good old days! This was one ritual that continued even when I outgrowed(supposedly!) the Tinkle days... Cause well thts the only book ma sis used to read (Continues to read...)

Another memory that continues to stand out is of one odd summer that I spent at home(instead of Gvr) n for the entire duration of those months ma daddy would bring home a copy of amar-chitra katha(courtesy a lending library) :).

RIP Uncle Pai... Thank you for brightening up our days... come to think of it the illustrations a good 20-25 years back can still given a run-for-money to any of the modern day illustrators!

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  1. Good one. made me think of the good old school days, Tinkle, Balarama, Balamangalam etc... Eating is always a pleasure with one of these books. Thinking of it now I guess that is what made me a plus size man!!