An afternoon at the Derby!

Yooooooo! Me went to the Bangalore Derby :-D

A diff experience ... quite diff from what I thot it would be...  I was expecting to see a few scantily dressed ladies in all kinda funny hats (You know what am talking of don u)... But but was I surprised! Who do u think swarmed the place... people from all walks of life(literally!) ... Right from your autorickshaw driver to ur lady-next-doorr(I am told that you have many housewives who are regulars here - for whom betting is a means of livelihood!!)  to money-lenders to Expats to PYTs to Grandpa-Grandmas... All trying their luck with betting! N  if you think they taking a  'Inky-pinky-ponky' chances with their money u couldnt be wronger... Each of them come with pages n pages of analysis on horses-jockeys-trainers to decide who to bet on (Interesting it is!)

People from all walks of life - Now u believe me!!

The research Paper - All info u willl need on Horses-Trainer-Jockeys!

N the interesting part of it all.... Horses dearies horses! Man they are sexy or what.... Its a sight to see them ~~ Well built, shiny, tall, elegant ~~ Imagine a pack of them racing towards the finishing line..... Droool! LOL! Blame ma frnd who is put this idea into ma head!!

Linking this upto Color DeckorsWeekend-Wrapup! At times I wonder if its this which makes me drag ourselves out n make sure the weekend isnt staid n boring!

PS: Later did I understand that 'Scatily-Dressed-Funny-Hats' are indeed a part of these events but well well ma pocket aint loaded enuf to share the podium with them!


  1. interesting post..quite different..nice to know you...

  2. Ha ha ha! The weekend wrap-up is indeed making ur posts more and more interesting ;)

  3. oh my... what a lovely weekend!! I've never been to the races... :-)