Thursday Challenge - 3

Theme of the week ~~ "MOVEMENT" (Shaking, Falling, Bouncing, Jumping, Curling, Sagging,...)

How did this go with the theme u asked! Well well cant u c those bean-balls (what else do u calls the balls tht fill in the bean bag??) "Bounce"!

Haa a pic of the happy times spent with ma little niece... **TouchWood**  Here is sending  a prayer up that this precious bond with ma niece never ever ceases ** Anti - Jinx**

If u still wondering what the pic was abt ... U heard of Pillow-Fight rt... well well this goes on v similar grounds... U jus gotta substitute the pillow with the 'Bean-Balls'..... no prizes for guessing the mess that followed (N the ear full we received ) ...Imagine a bedroom filled wth the bean balls :-D n then of course the pain of picking those kutti-putti balls which amanged to make their way to every damn corner!! But 100% Fun guarantee I say .... So now u know what to do the next time u r bored of ur wits.... ROFL!


  1. Just right! And can't those balls move.......

  2. Aweeeeesome! I luvvv this one :D
    And I luv that label :) Aww, so full of love :)

  3. My kids did this once!! There were these tiny beans all over my son's room!!

    And the 'movement' of the beans 'falling' and 'bouncing' makes it very appropriate for the theme!

  4. A million movements - very good choise :)

  5. a lot of movement.... also afterwards at cleaning it up ;-)