The weekend that went by....

....was a quite, peaceful one where we did a lot of mummy-daughter-bonding!

Ha ever thought how relations change post marriage.....your very parents, siblings you almost take for granted before marriage and then suddenly post marriage the moments you get to spend with them becomes precious! Your very own younger sis with whom before marriage you would fight tooth and nail for silliest of the sillies things viz. dresses, perfumes, shampoos and now all of a sudden both of you are very generous and more than happy to part with these and many other precious or not-so-precious things! Your very own mom, whose cooking u thought was never the proverbial maa-ke-haath ka u crave to have the egg burji she makes! And how can you forget the temple visits....where in uI would groan n complain to accompany you are the first one to wake up at 3 in morning (yeah yeah I did) and coax the hubs to drives us a few hundred kilometers so that she could have a glimpse of her fav Living God(even thou neither you nor ur hubbs are great believers in it)!!

And then they leave.... leaving a big void in your heart...void not just cause am gonna miss them but I know they gonna be lonely!N this feeling of void would have been replaced with a contended sigh if ma daddy was around! Miss you daddy and I so very much wish that you were around...wouldn’t u hv enjoyed a round of drinks or maybe a game of TT with your Son-In-Law! Or maybe hang out with us in a Pub or a fancy restaurant or may be just shamelessly shown around your daughter and her hubbs!! Miss you daddy..........

PS: N this is exactly how ma valentines day was celebrated..... LOL! On 2nd thots isnt ot how its suppose dto be spent... with ur loved ones :)


  1. God bless u all Meena :(
    I wanna run home nw and give my parents a warm hug!

  2. hey i ave seen the jugalbandi , its fantastic!! the thing is i gorgot the name of the place. Help!!