Haaapyy B'day AmmuKutti!

To Meeena Mema's dearest Ammuttii,

Happy B'day sweetheart! Hv a swell time at school today and a big cake cutting session post that! Sorry ammutii tht I couldnt the promise of being there with u today :(. Banes of a working woman :(!

So where do I begin.... 6 years back? I remember my first glance of u... u were a baby of 3 months then .... u were soundly asleep in ur cradle until the moment I n ur manju mema pop in...... we were a excited bunch who couldnt wait to see their dearest niece.... n 3 months was already too long a wait for us! N that moment is etched for eternity in ma memories......The baby who was asleep till then choses just that v moment to open her eyes n treat us with the most angelic of smiles......awwwww!!!

Ammuutti, U know how special n loved u r ! U r the apple of so many eyes! with ur innocent(n not so innocent) ways u hv so tightly wrapped ur muthu n babu maama around ur little fingers! The happiness u hv bought in all ovur lives n possibly the only reason of smile in ur mom's n grandparents life!

N u as a person hv grown into somebody with a definite personality.... no shooing u off thinking u just a 6 year old baby.... yeah right! U hv ur own v definite n clear set of likes n dislikes n there are no two ways abt it! Yeah probably u do need to get a little less tongue-tied b4 strangers ... but well tht is wht u r and prob as u grow older u'll grow out of it! But did I anyway hint tht u run short of words.... No dearie no, U speak 18 to a dozen... N at times the words that come out from there far surpass ur age :)

N the most treasured part for me? The v fact that I am ur fav-mema (Ho! U dont hv to tell me tht... I know it n declare it myslef... u given no choice in it u c :) Manju mena u say? I donno who she is :-D) ...... V imp to me considering the bond taht I share with ur amma n babu maama... thou we are first cousins the relationship we share is more than that! N its a happy sigh that I let out as I know that the bond is renewed for another generation with u... Touchwood N I hope n earnestly wish that it continues.....

Wishing u a life filled with happiness... grow up to be a smart young lady (like me :) ) n yeah go onto become a doctor or auto driver (ur current 'dream-job' is to study MBBS n drive a auto :-D) but just be happy n fill our joys with lots of happiness(latter part is V imp :-D)!

Love U Ammmutti!!!
Meena Mema!


  1. Awwwwww such a sweet post and lovely pics :) I luv that pic where she is blessing ppl with her palm :P
    Wishing u a very Happy Birthday Sweetheart and hope aunty gets time to be with u next time :) :) :)

    I sooo miss hvng a niece :(

  2. Thnx Swaram babe!

    N if u so v missing hving a niece.... well I hv a better idea 4 u then... Waana hear :-P

  3. Sudha, thts my niece... but more precious n adorable than my baby(as n when i hv one... he he he)