Snippets Of My Personality!

Ha I was one of those who always thot  I knew myself fairly welll... But then things happen in your life n u realize hidden snippets of urself... Na na not a sudden hidden facet of ur personality...But something that u always were right from good old school days but u never realized!!

Here are a few such snippets that I suddenly relaized during last few days:

  1.  My motivation to work is never the 'Work'....Its the person for whom I do the work! N if it so happens that I no big fan of anybody there then I end up doing a medicore job (Even if u scare me or threaten me) but if me a fan of the person I cocnciously put in a effort and try giving it my best!! Ha now I realize thts been how it is been all my life...My fav subject at school would be the subject taught by my fav teacher! Now that explains my below average marks in Maths post grade 8 when untill then I was almost the topper in the subject!! N also possibly my not so exemplary perfromance in work till date!! Hmm yeap me trying to put in the eforts at work now :)
  2. If I am sad - sad abt things outta my control like how I am now ~~ I conciously make a effort to reach out to more people and try plastering a smile on my face! I outdo it so much that as my Tintin says "Sounds Like U in a high after being sloshed up"!! N all this high just goes pssst the momment am alone or hit the bed!
Hmm so much for my personal awakening!!!


  1. Either you need a big lunch ..
    Munna Bhai's jadu ki jhappi and one tight slap .. !

  2. man.. i know how true all of this is.. and I know how hard it is to get work done by you...

    but ur improving... gotta add that... !!!

    get back to office on monday.... have a lot of things waiting for u... am on leave, u gotta handle my team as well.. rofl...

  3. I think u hv a point there .. the 1st one!