An Superfluous piece of information... one of those interesting but useless piece tht u pick up somewhere but remains unforgotten!! (Why why why do I never remember PIN for ma debit cards or imp pwds this way!!!!)

So the enlightment today is centerd on the topic “Ever wondered why we say Cheers before taking a swig of drink?” Please stop rolling ur eyes – This is interesting I swear…..

N if u decorum-illiterate like me this will come handy - B4 U take the first sip of ur liquor(Dont be a gobbler... patience dearies patience), the group raises their glass in unison, clangs them LIGHTLY against each other over a toast of ‘cheers’ n immediately takes in a sip b4 setting the glass down(this is supposedly the imp part)!! Ooph I always find it funny tht so much decorum precedes what is soon gonna be a unruly party (Unruly 4 sure if ma behavior is any barometer:-P)!

Ha now back to our topic - This nicety was framed to ensure that all our 'senses'(Remember five sense organs of human body? - vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch.) are gratified! How u say - Ur eyes see it, Skin feels it n the smell n taste part are of course self explanatory!! But what happens to our poor old hearing - N so to appease the ears somebody came up the nicity to say 'cheers' b4 each drinking session!!! (How jobless!)

Ho now I see quite a few shaking ur head with an ufathomable expression on ur face (Evn I had one when hubbs dearest enlightened me with this piece of gyaan)! Now do I vouch for this? Possibly No, considering my hubbs is capable enuf to coin this n much more nonsense all by himself and market it to gullible souls like me :)

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  1. LOL, even if he hs done it, sounds logical and interesting :P :P