The Office!!

Ha think its gonna be a boring post abt my work place! U couldn't hv been wronger!!

This my dear friends is the name coined for... Guess what could be called "The Office"???? The idea is courtesy ma hubbs ,... so do twist ur brain a little!! He never thinks straight u c :)

Now tht I hear all sad answers... lemme let the cat out! This my friends would be the name of... of... of.... a pub!!! Yeah yeah yeah.... u heard tht rt! A pub sometime in future as n when he decides to open one!!

What did u say? Its a sad name for a pub!! welcome to the club of straight, 'in-box' thinkers... Dont worry I'll give u company here!

Think hatke, 'out-of-box' .... Imagine ur boss or possibly ur mom\dad\GF\BF calls u when u drinking away at pub n asks u 'Where r u'... ans with a straight face (n no mockery in voice) Am at  'The Office'......

LOL! Dimaag ki batthi jalaa diya???