Book Review: The Unbearable Lightness of Being

A book again lent by my English-talking-sleeping-eating-breathing friend Sabs! N as with all the books she lends there is a element of twist n surprise in it ala the 'Like Water For Chocolate'!

The book is 'The Unbearable Lightness of Being' by Milan Kundera n the book is based on ma fav topic 'Human Behavior'... As I write this I have just read a few pages of it.... But the way the gray areas of human behavior is been treated gave me such a kick tht I had to pen it down immediately...... sample this....

A man divorced..... Whose life is a long list of 'one-Night-Stands' with no emotional strings attached until he meets his lady love(???)! The '??' is cause as with many of us he himself isnt sure if she is the love of his life or well if circumstances bought them together in a union!! He cant himself explain the reason as to why he still drags himself for yet another one night stands despite having a lady in his life(in spite of the fact tht he no longer enjoys them)... Look at the irony of the situation!!! N then one fine day when the lady walks out, he drops lock, stock n barrel n follows suit (But again he isnt sure as to wht the motto is - is it cause she is the love of his life or is the circumstances).... wow I like the way life isnt painted in black n white!!!

Ha this my friends I think is life.....

Edited To Add: Ha this is one book I am falling in love with more n more as I read each chapter in it - if the first few chapters hinted at an adulterous relationship - the next few goes into the physcology of the people in it! While 'Fidileity' is a turn on for few its 'Betrayal' for others ~~ N the reason for it is captured amazingly in just a few words! Am Loving It!!!


  1. Hmm life! Hope u do a review after u finish the book too ;)

  2. Glad you worked your way into the book. When I read and reviewed it ( I had a very similar experience. And you're right, the paradoxes are brilliantly described.