To my Little Sis...

... ok ok dont bawl I know u not little anymore... But please stop acting like u my big sis... grrrrr!!!

Now Now before I completely degress the subject, this post is to mark your end to god damn exams.... see see me so good to you! I write abt u despite promising that you wouldnt be written of till u promise to agree to you know what :-P!

Isnt the ways of life ironic.... U were the laziest of the lot to study n look what happens! U got to study the most :-D! I know I know it wasn't easy.... classes every other sunday for few years is no joke! But well look at the other side... U hv a masters from a cool college.... something I cant claim to hv :(.

I remeber the day u got into Wipro... U claim that 'inky-pinky-ponky' got u in... I agree to a point that in no way is it ur brains that got u in (:-D) ... But sweetheart u a gem of a person (U can treat me for this!) and doesnt God always look out for spl people :).N remember the day of ur induction co-incided with my engagemnt n so u walked in almost at the fag end of the cermony.... grrrrr n then threw a tantrum at how ur friends werent treated well... LOL! U n ur friends!!! As mummy says "U n ur friends are like a honeycomb" :-D! 

Finish of ur project n then sweetie pie u a free bird with a degree in hand ready to fly places(yea yea u right... Me talking of our fav subject here :-D)!! Love u Manu!!


  1. Such an awww post this one :)
    U make me miss my sis :(

  2. Oh and good luck for the project Manu :)

  3. Good luck to our kinigy kutty!!... I remember the day she got selected for Wipro... she surprised herself.. and how she used to crib abt studies.... ya but wat an irony... but its all rewarding at the end dear....

  4. U r tagged Meena :)