Faith Reinforced!

How do u like it when a person who u look up to with lots of awe, respect n love   does something tht u think is wrong - something beneath them!!! N u cant even walk up n confront them cause u know its a personal decision!

Exactly wht I had gone thru yesterday! N its yikes to say the least ~~ U dont waana look the person in the eyes ~~ Cause u dont want the person to read into them n deduce wht is going on in ur mind n make u blurt them all out ~~ Cause u r afraid u'll cross the line! U r upset to say the least!!! N u wonder what the world is come upt ~~ Esp when its somebody u idolize :(!

But well tht was yest ~~ As they say every cloud has a silver lining n tht just makes each dark  cloud livable! I love the person for getting it out of me ~~ I donno how u manage tht each time! Not so diff u say... esp when I come running to u even thou I hv the prob with u :) N the justification u gave made me all the more say "wow" ~~ The principles u hv in life n how u stick to them just reinforced the reason why u  mean so much!

Its indeed a "Happy sigh" tht I let out ~~ its bliss to have your faith reinforced!  Thank You  for just being wht u r :)

But as with everything in life there are people who have taken the brunt of this decision....... Well part n parcel of life but .....................

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