Back Yet Again!!

I know I know for sometime there’s been this trend of missing out on action during regular intervals... But funnily enuf this time around the space wasn’t missed!! Why??? Hmm cause I hv moved to a new space ...... but but the readership there is strictly by invitation only........ ho yeap thts news! So what are the reactions I guage?? Why? Is this space gonna be deserted? N a few threats for readership on new space... patience patience my friends patience ... One q at a time :) (Ha!!! Stop rolling ur eyes... This is ma very own space n AM A CELEBRITY here..... So I can afford all the starry nakras.... LOL)

So why did I move? Stop doing a ROFL if I Cite 'Fame' n 'Privacy' as the reasons..... Yeah yeah am a fulltoo star here! But frankly that is the reason... I was zapped when the other day a colleague I hardly knew came up and started talking to me abt the books I read... the explanation that followed suit was the usual suspect.... My blog space!!! Who else to blame but me... what else did I expect when I was advertising it so shamelessly on orkut!!! Now Now this started a worm of doubt in ma mind.... this space was alomst a unadulterated version of ma life.. now am happy n comfy with my friends reading it but not really with people whom I know more at a professional level than personal! N ofcourse there are topics too personal that I prefer not to talk here n so came out the new blog space......

But well this is my own space... my fav if u ask me!! So there is no deserting it..... Keep dropping in here for wht I hope is more of a lighthearted dosage of fun n good times n slices of ma life :)

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  1. Huh? So, do we get to read here or in the new space :P :P