The movie Horoscope!!!

The regular stay-at-home sat ritual includes quite a bit of blog-hopping and if I find an interesting blog makes ma day like nothing else :).... But mind u its only MA day.... poor hubbs has to fight foot n nail to get some attention n food... LOL :)

So back to topic, a post I hit upon was abt "Movie Horoscope" where it said "The first movie u watch together as a couple sets the footage of how ur married life will be"..... LOL is what I did! But also set me thinking as to what was the first one I watched with hubbs dearest... Any guesses!!! ROFL is what I did when I hit upon the answer!!!

"Bheja Fry"!!!  what am subjected to day in n day out!!!!

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  1. U need a bheja for that. Now guess who is being subjected to the atrocities!! :P