The Serial stories!

The kinda serials am talking of here is the 'saas-bahu' tele-serials! Na na not another of those bash-up sessions on them! Rather a completely diff take... Read on n decide 4 urself....

I n ma dear sister right from childhood were bought up on a steady diet of doordarshan... yeah yeah u heard tht rt... Thnx to my mom's belief that when children study TV is a bad distraction... so while all of u were gawking on Friends, Titanic n all it was good old hindi, telugu movie\serials for us! So much so that untill ma wedding English movies wern't not really ma cup of tea!! Yea Yea u would be forgiven to think tht am bought up in some remote part of Inida... But truth being I was v much bought up in good old hyd!!

So as the story goes... wht u learn in ur childhood is diff to unlearn! Today thou thnx to a bully of a hubbs I hv learnt to live with (n enjoy) HBO, Star Movies Blah blah Blah my equivalent to comfy food(Sorry... But all comparisons for me emanate only from food :-D) is till a few of those silly hindi serials! Thankfully never got hooked to those saas-bahu kinds..... The current list of mine is 'Balika Vadhu' in Colors N 'Sasuraal Gendhaa Phool' in Star(Drives ma hubbs crazy... But LOL when he has no choices but watch it thru n pops ina few complex questions only to end it up with his typical one liners!) !! N imagine ma surprise when I just realized the other day that the only serials that ma kiddo of a sis watches are these very two..... This when neither of us had any linking to what the other was watching :-D!

Ha sisters!!!!


  1. Aww thatz so sweet.
    The one and only one I watch is Sasual Genda Phool too :P
    Thankfully, nobody is always plotting against others here ;)

  2. U toooo!!! Yeah gal I love the heroine in it.... cute, sweet, clueless but with chip on her shoulder... so much like us hey :)