Living Life In Denial!!!

Hmmmm something I was told by ma manager yest......

B4 I jump into tht statement a brief decko... ha which of my posts doesnt hv it now!! Well until yest(n even probably today) I did pride myself to be a good team lead... a good peoples person! So yest's discussion was a eye opener of sorts where one random person accused me of 'Favoritism' of all the things... But ha a single note is gonna get the chip of ma shoulder or make me think twice.. well u should be kidding me!!! Me n being partial... never!!!

But well well giving the due acknowledgment, I had a few more sane n sensible managers who decided to take things in their hands n drive in some sense n drive in some sense into ma dumb head! What they said made me realize what defines 'Favoritism'... going out on breaks with only 'Top performers' n spending time with only a selected few team members in a team outings...... well dont laugh it off! Try thinking from a non-performers shoes n possibly they hv a point there!! But for me to acknowledge this(n so the title) n do something abt it seems a huge mountainous task!!

Bottom Line: Moving up the ladder can be a boring affair :(. But thank you for taking the time out n helping me understand :)

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  1. U shouldn't be lik that.we didnt expect from u