A Cyclone Hit Ma Kitchen!

N the cyclone is none but ma hubbs dearest! B4 the credits are rolled out, lemme give u a background....

Sat morn dawns in fresh n ma hubs dearest has this uncontainable itch to make barbeque chicken (in microwave)...... This when ma brain cells arent even yet fully awake n there is this person trying to get me to bareque the chicken... 3 years hasnt taught him much...hmpf!!! Ok ok now to give him all his due, the only contribution I was supposed to do is handover the ingredients n the required microwave accessories!! N here came the hitch.... One of the accessory is gone missing!! Now my dearest hubbs literally ransacks the kitchen in search of it! Me?? Well I gota better things to do on sat morn :-P!

At then end of all this(fruitless search), ma kitchen did indeed look like it was hit by a cyclone!! But does the man take this face down!! Ofcourse no... He instead throws it all back n tells me "Hmpf!! Any order in this kitchen is due to me.... N the cyclone here is u! N anyways the cyclones are always named after ladies... so it should indeed be you".... Grrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

Well well.... I will still live with all this allegations cause I know I need not worry abt cooking 3 meals a day for your highness!!! I know u do more than ur share of cooking.... I know in quite a few ways u just let me be...... Love u...Muah!!!!!

PS: N wht do u call ur friend who when u complain abt all these injustice in ur life.... Forget abt giving u a shoulder to cry decide instead to give u a earful n become supporter of ur hubbss... Life I say!

N yeah yeap he did manage to make his barbeque chicken minus the accessory!! N I did enjoy licking it clean :)

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