N we are Draped!

Or rather my home is...Almost a year after we moved in :-D!

Speaks something of our domesticity doesnt it :)

Ps: All tht I meant is we put some curtains in our new home...LOL! Hv a quick decko.....

Lemme now show off a corner of my home - A small corner but something I love(This is a pic as in month of may - theres been additions n subtractionns since then...  but well as they say lets start somewhere)

Did u like this corner? N if u wondering what spl abt it.... lets start with each of the artifacts....

Lets start with the lamps there,,,,, The big n small both were gifts from ma fav people.... One from my mom's sister n other from my dad's bro... Both v spl people! The former for well lets just say shes been around for me from the day I was born to till date... for each small or big momentous occasion in ma life :). N for my dad's bro... Now tht my dadu is no more around.... My velachan who resembles him closely brings along the dearest memories tht I hold v precious :)

The Dholak(Did I tell U that this one was transformed from an simple wooden casket to a Dholak right in front of our eyes), Chillum are collectibles from our trip to Gokarna en route to Goa, from where we picked up the Devil Sticks at Anjuna Flea Market(yeah Yeah remember the Peter pan in ma house :))

N the Wooden Toys - picked this up from Chennai - Only later did we know that they these are the first collectibles gifted to a newly married couple as they build their set of dussera Golu

N how can I forget the small bamboo shoot(sadly dead now :( )  sitting majestically atop the elephant stand in a urli!!! All except the urli gifted by dearest Sabi... The bamboo shoot was her gift on our first anniversary while the elephant stand was one of the many gifts she is peppered ma house with :).

N the urli is the one in which the milk boiling cermony was done as we entered this new home :)

Now u know why I love this space n b4 I conclude don't miss the background... Thts is ma front room wall... did u like its color?


  1. Hey... thts a very nice description of the space... was truely interesting and quite a good collection...
    Anxiously waiting to see your house dear...

  2. I luvvvved the dholak. I soo want one like that now :)

    They give us that pair of dolls all dressed during our wedding and then we worship them during every Dasara :)

    I luv that corner :)