Happy B'day Tintin!!

Hmm usually I ponder at what should the title for a post read! But for this one...it was so very given that I didnt even hv to mull over it for a minute!

Hmm now this Tintin is no cartoon chartcer but is the name of a much loved pet dog...so the post is to mark the b'day of this dearest dog? Na na na....its the b'day of the dearest dog's dearest owner!

Hmm let me try in introduce him year....may be a testimonial I wrote for him on orkut a good3 years back  is a good point to start.....

Divyansh...the perfect Waste fellas :-). Looks big outside but hidden deep inside is a v v small boy who never wanna grows up...
The perfect friend...will always be there when u need him (ofcourse will be around even when u dont need him to wreck up things), A big dog lover, a big attention seeker(pamper him silly like a kid n he keeps yelping around like his fav 'Tintin'), a jack of all trades(n ofcourse master of none), problem slover (but excuse me who creates them in the first place) n ofcourse a big big big big fan of alll the girls(No size bar, no shape bar, no languge bar, no religion bar--------any girl in HCC can vouch for it)!!!

Hey waste fella, stop drifiting along n be a winner(u always are but by chance n not choice).....n STOP STARING!!!!
Hmm thts  Div(for his friends) n Tintin(for me) for you!
N today after 3 years, 2 years of which he is been in US has anyting changed? Yes dearest yes ......The part in testi which reads any girl in HCC can vouch for it now says any girl in Naperville can vouch for it  .....Otherwise my waste fella just remains that......A very much ladies happy-go-lucky man!!
N Ho yeah how can I miss the best part of his B'day...He celebrates it like once in 4 years!! Ho No No....not cause of some noble reasons...But just that it falls once in 4 years (in every leap year) :-D But But does that bother this big Imp? No sir no...he uses this excuse to celebrate it on 2 days!!
My dearest TinTin, Today(Ok ok now dont shout...I know I missed ur B'day (But offiicially this year u had none) I wish you wholeheartedly lots of happiness, good luck, success and also a wee bit of common sense!! N yeah yeah am waiting for ur B'day snaps where am sure u would be having this dazed expression being surrounded my star-in-my-eyes kinda girls!!! (N then U know what will happen...:-D)


  1. Well Meena.. Thanks for a great cover up on missing my B'Day ..!!! opportunity was open for 2 days and still u missed it ..!!!

    Btw few things.. -
    m nt in Naperville and Chicago .. Its whole Texas now .. ;) .. :D ..

  2. Well .. as said ..

    Leap years are kinda less exciting .. its only one day bday ..!

    Rest times at least 2 days .. :)

    Or .. some times its birthweek .. all week carnival .. ;) ..

    yeah .. i got a ton of leap year jokes .. :)

  3. BTW - .. So far i have met only one other person who has leap year bday.

    She was a NYPD police officer. She checked for my ID and then we wished each other happy bday .. :) ..

    Now how I ended with NYPD police is a long and nt so interesting story .. ;)

  4. Thatz so sweet of u Meena .. blessed he is to hv a friend like u ;)
    A very happy bday Div :)
    Psst psst ;) Thatz one of the best testimonials I hv ever read LOL :D

  5. still wagging my tail ..

    Thanks for your wishes.. all made sense except the grls part..
    bt anyways .. i can find water in desert..! :D

    you too have fun take care and upload more snaps .. :D