It doesnt do much to your confidence.....

...... when u know ur hubbs weighs a good 2 kgs lighter than u r......Wail wail wail!!!! N he has the guts to walk behind u n call u a "Thadichi" (Translates to fatty :( ). N u know this is just the beginning of the story... Imagine few years down the line post a child-birth(touchwood!) and atleast 15Kg addition around my waist!!! Lemme not even begin to add how many kgs am already overweight!!!! Howl! Howl! Howl!

Ha this was not really the landmark of the medical tests we did yesterday! On a not-so-brighter side its confirmed that my hubbs indeed has cholesterol n sugar.... Blame it on his bias to beer n non-veg! But he gonna be fazed by it...Na!! He goes around saying "My wifey eats sweets - N I get Sugar!" !!!!! N to top it all gangs up with my mom to get me to cook customized food for him!! Wonder if I ever get to have the last laugh!!


  1. What can I say, I am naturally sweet!!

  2. LOL ... humara number bhi aayega girl .. just u wait ;)

  3. ha hahahaa...... i liked tht... ' my wife eats sweets and i get sugar'... he he heeee.... could hav transmited from u....
    And u cooking customized food... OMG!!!..... LOL!!!!