Wishing You All A Very Happy Vishu!

N for those of you who donno what vishu is ... Hop on here.... Its the Malayalam New Year!

N ha this new year is special.... Special cause its our first one at our first home (Like there are many homes which is gonna follow) and more special cause its the first one in which I play(Yeah Yeah 'Play' is the keyword) the role of 'Stree' @ Home...... Well all these years I could afford to catch a few more winks of sleep while my mom would get the Vishu-Kanikanal ready.... But but this time being left to our own devices lets see how I fare! Well for now am excited... excited like a kid who is got a new game to play :-D

                                             A pic of one of the previous VishuKani

Here is wishing you all a very happy, prosperous New year and please pray that atleast this year seems my one fervent wish coming thru (No q's entertained :-D)

N ofcourse the song that best captures the spirit!


  1. Happy new year to you Meena .. :D ..

    How many dishes u make and how many u let other's eat is a question .. :D . :P ..

  2. Hey dear, hv an award for u on my blog :) Will b bk to read :)

  3. A very happy happy vishu and a year ahead.... and yes.... the secret wish of urs will defenetly com true this year.... so be positive...

    and u Playing 'stree'.... oh hooooooohhh LOL..... :))

  4. Ohh that Kani is so beautiful :) Luved it :)

    A very happy new yr to u Meena and amen to ur wish :)

    Err, qs will nt be entertained only today is it :P