A Sweet - Bitter Start to a year!

Ha here is the promised post ~~ A record of the day my B'day was!

Post reading this I know u gonna laugh at me but please remind me this the next I decide to lose my temper with my hubbs!!! N am shit embarrassed to post this for the whole world to read... but possibly this can at least bring in some much needed calmness n stability in me! N I can think of people who gonna do a ROFL n make me regret this post!

Ha ok a bit of prelude b4 I strart off.... Its for sometime that I wanted to change my Thaali-Chain\Mangalsutra (it currently resembles an elephant chain) to something more sleek n trendy! The traditional but in-trend black-beads magalsutra was shot down as me n black just dont go together! So decided to settle for a simple gold chain n told the hubbs dearest of mine in v v simple n clear terms that this is what I want him to gift me on my my B'day (sheesh!!! But yeap I did tht) But the grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr of a fella had the guts to not to get it.... his excuses included credit card bill(like another 10 or 20k is gonna make a dent on the already inflated number there) to shopping for it along with me(Me knows the reason is he jst simply forgot.... cant get myself to say 'care' so will settle for 'forgot' :-D)

Ha so when the clock stuck 12, yours truly was all preened n happy expecting the gold chain (Had taken an extra precaution to remind him few days back too) n there goes my balloon poof when I learn there is no chain nothing... Thank U! N then I give him shit... loads of it (including starving him to sleep.... Me Bad! Me Bad!)n was generally sympathizing with myself!! U agree this was some start for a B’day :-D

Next day well in the excitement of my niece coming n ofcourse it being the big day some coldness was forgotten but ensured to use every opportunity to rub it in(kick me! Kick Me!)!! But looks like my brain starts ticking in once I hit the Loo... N tht is when it strikes me "Hello! Yesterday this hubbs of mine had called me at office saying house is flooded... yours truly had left all windows open n it rained cats n dogs!! But wasnt the house almost-dry n good to go when I reached!! N hey who stocked up the house with groceries n saved me from hell what with my aunt dropping in the next day(even the bare minimals were missing) .... well well tht is when it strikes the thick headed me tht thou he hadnt got the chain he had ensured tht my b'day had started off without me hving to work my ass off!

N I felt so bloody guilty but most importantly went back to feeling 'A Loved WIfe' status!(Isnt it all abt 'me', 'me' me') As they say....All is well that ends well:) N no people dont come n gimme baashans for this! But but when I was shouting my head off wht the hell was his vocal chord doing....... Couldnt he have opened it n put a stop to all the 'heartburn' but grr he chooses not to n when pointed out tells me cheekily 'when fools talk, wise remains silent'....grr grr grr!!!

PS: N a thank you to the person who was around to hear me getting upset n then feeling guitly abt it without missing a beat (like its something I do day in n day out n it was nothing new.................grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr).... But thank u for being there :) N a no thank U for the person who made my D-Day day inomplete........grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!


  1. LOL .. I luv the honesty with which u write ur posts :P

  2. woooohhh.... my dear... u almost would hav ruined the day for tht chain, havn't the thought stuck u at the right time....
    and i just loved the one liner ' whn fools talk, wise reamin silent' hehe .... how true...

  3. Fishbone dear... ha ha ha... what a start to ur year.... I so would like to have seen ur face when u dint get a gift.... just kidding... he did take care of otherthings... right...