Shobha De Attempts A Enid Blyton...

..... And loses hands down! Booooooooooo!!

But wondering what am doing still reading 'Enid Blyton' kinda books at this age!! Well well she is ma first love and as it goes for first loves u never ever forget them (:-p) (Thou a few meanie fells say - add my hubbs in there- that I never grew beyond that.... Grrrrrrrrrrr)!

Before I go onto rip the book apart, lets talk of Shobha De - Now now if u ask me the image that comes to my mind when I think of her is more of a page 3 person than a writer(Sour Grapes talking??)...... Thou I gotta admit that her articles in news papers are worth a read! Maybe she should stick to doing that n not attempt writing novels! Possibly why I think her book 'Spouse' was a good read(Its supposedly based on her life story... But am sure there is a lot of ‘larger-than-life’ there.,.. come on when I write my silly Blog I exaggerate like nobody's business ... n here we are talking of best sellers!) But come to think of it... Its basically a collection of short write-ups... So my point  remains... Plz dont attempt writing novels or never ending stories... They just arent ur cup of tea… (if u do disagree plzz lemme know... I would be happy to pick up any novel of hers tht u recommend)!

So Now onto the book "S's Secret".... All tht I said in the above paragraph holds true... But again is it cause I hv grown out of that stage... I would want to belive tht its not the case ... I still enjoy every other Enid Blyton! The characters in the story could have been been developed better..... The relationship between sisters for instance... dwells too much on the jealousy n ‘getting-on-to-other-persons-nerves’... which I agree is a main ingredient in a sister-sister relationship (Me a product of it :)) but what also exists is a beautiful bond of love n affection(which dint find a mention in novel at all)! A bit more homework on the characters.... a little more juicy incidents (School lives are full of them) would have made this a better read!!

Buck Up Shobha De! N nops am not gonna pick up its trailer!


  1. I havn't read the book yet... but yes even i enjoy reading her articles... so the review was kind of upsetting to me... but i think u hav a point there...

  2. Enid Blyton is an all time fav .. age does nt matter :P

    And Shobha De, nt sure y but I hv never felt like reading her work ;)

  3. Y dont u venture into writing a novel Meena... Im sure it will come out exteremely well.. you have a wonderful flair for writting..

  4. Anjie babe I take tht as a hige compliment but well dont we know better :)