An Consolation Award Is Worst Than No Award!


Edited To Add: But as they say there "Behind Every Cloud is a silver lining" - N when the silver lining is in form of people who ensure that your smile remains intact you know how to count your blessing! Thank You :)

Ha not trying to be secretive or anything here! Just another day at office where I was miffed at being given the award 'Second-Hand' (:-D) but when you have people who take in the extra effort to ensure that the ’Second-Hand' is better than the best ... Now thts bliss :)


  1. Arre whatz there for them to console when we r nt worried a bit ;)
    Hum aise hai aur aise hi rahenge and we know we r the best :P
    Hugs n hv a gr8 weekend :)

  2. Hey Swaram I so much agree with u.... We dont need consolation awards to know what we already know :)

    But its the rarest of the rarest mangers that you meet who take the time and explain to you what n why it was 'second hand' n then do something which more than makes up for ur 'second hand
    ' award!!

  3. True... it is a bliss....
    and to have someone like tht in your work place... is true blessing!!!