Hey Here comes my 100th post........!!!

Wowo!!! Celebration Time!!!........

Ha atlast after what 3 + years I hv hit my 100th post....poof nota big deal u say!!! Huh Like I care.... I enjoyed every bit of it... It kinda capures ma life.... started it off when my daddy just passed away (hmmm a way to lash out my pent up sorrow??? I donno...) to the happily-married-Newly-Weds to Now(how do I define Now??)......... Ha lets hope this space continues to grow, to capture happier memories n possibly some time in remote future antics of a little one(No am not pregnnat if u thinking that.... But nothing stops me from wishful thinking :-D; A blog coming v soon on this) .......

N all the dedication that this space so rightly deserves is already been done a few days back here! So here is wishing this beautiful space a big Thank You and happier times!!

N what a better time than this to get my first blogging award.... Swarm U rock girl! Am so v gald to have met u in this space...... U made my day :)

N now onto other updates....

On the Vishu that was..... I did manage to wake up at an unearthly hour of 4 in morn.....Thnx to an issue that cropped up at office... they decided to wake me up and well that ensured that my VishuKani went off without a hitch ....c the silver lining behind the cloud :) But that meant that the first thing I saw wasnt lords face but the damn time on my mobile n then the walls as I half-blindly made my way into pooja room :)

My VishuKani.....Nothing impressive u say... Hv a heart! I atleast mad ethe effort :)

Ah Ok now in all fairness lemme thank my hubbs for getting the day thru without a hitch! Me being me woke up to the N no. of things that we gotta buy for Vishkanni at 8 the previous night when it was raining cats n dogs in Blore!! Panicky calls made to home, to hubbs..... But yeap he being the price charming knew more than to trust his wifey in all this n had picked it all up by afternoon (Of course the not-so-nice part of him decided to not to tell me this n give me a few maddening moments.... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)

Now on theq upmost on many peoples minds......what did cook :-Dt... I managed (ofcourse with hubbs help) to dish out a sambar, olan, Uperi(Veggie stir Fry) n a payasam.... How did they taste u say? Well I rest my case.... Either of us werent any worst post the lunch :)

So how is the weekend been treating U? I had a good ladies-only time with a dear friend after ages....... Ha at times stepping out minus men is a pleasure :). N then came back home to do a vent-out session of something that is been a bother for some time..... Thank You U donno what a relief it was:)

So here is to a gr8 sunday(Hubbs is not at home n am just gonna laze around.... no cooking, no bathing, no nothing......the best way to spend a holiday!) and a happy week ahead!! N B4 I say good bye a Q 4 u - whats the most imp event coming on this weeK :-D


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  2. hoooohhhhhh.... 100th blog... congrats.... looking forward to see much more interesting and joyful blogs...
    and curiously waiting for tht one blog..(u refferd)
    your vishukani looks good...
    and abt the Q.... looking forward to see the 22nd April blog (the most imp event comming up, wat are u up to, and how much u lootofied ur hubby.. ;))

  3. Vishu Kani is really good, afterall even the minutest effort should be rewarded with applaud. Good Job.

  4. Oh wow! I never knew u were here for 3 yrs too .. we hv started blogging @ almost the same time then :)
    Congrats on the century .. wtg! and hope we get to c many more .. waiting for the new batsman/woman :P :P

    Woww! No pic of the Sadya for us ;)

  5. U will turn 28 aunty....

  6. Hey Meena .. many many happy returns of the day girl :)

  7. What does this show.... uare absolutely jobless in office... which gives u all the time in the world to write blogs after blogs.. ha ha ha... well we are kinda sailing in the same boat...