Hurray To The Blog Power!!!

Hmmm Blogging till date was just another time pass for me... no stress, no deadlines - just a way to record the silly life of mine!!! Probably why I enjoy doing it... of course the more than generous compliments tht come in even from friends, cousins is all the extra push I need...N then the topping on the cake is when a few of the worst case workaholics read ur blog in an attempt to 'get a Life'.....Ha am in seventh heaven :)

But over a last few instances...blogging is unconsciously taken a new shape! Its my stress n emotional buster now! Ha but the best of all...It has in a way helped me re-discover myself... Try putting down ur random thots N b4 u realize it has taken a new shape – Giving u food for thought! I have been pleasantly surprised by the way I have ripped myself apart (ha I needed that reality check), The way I hv peppered the posts with a few unpleasant truths about ma self(which I would have happily gone to grave with)...

Ha but the reason am on like seventh heaven today (The colleague sitting next to me is wondering why I have this smile plastered on my faces) is a phone call which woke me up at an unholy hour yesterday! It was a cousin of mine......A very much 'no-nonsense' Big bro kinda cousin! So he happened to read my post on Tag of 5ives and there was this line under '5 people you’d love to hit, anytime, anywhere' that had him quite worked up and he probed, queried, threatened till I came up with actual truth (a unpleasant one at that)!! Now I had re-written that particular line to ward off these very questions... But the dearest bro of mine hit the nail the moment he read it :). N the surprising part of it all...While he is always been this extra-protective kinda person... He was never known for his extra-sensitive sensibilities! But this concern for me suddenly makes this world a much happier, lighter place to.... A belief that that there is somebody out there whom I can turn to come what may....... A fact that I always knew but a re-enforcemnt like this just makes ur day :)


  1. Oh thatz so sweet .. glad the tag turned out to be such a nice thing for u .. am more than happy I tagged u :)

    Also, know that ur blog friends are just a click away too in case u need to pour out everything and feel lighter :)

    Cheers to blogging!

  2. Hey.... its true reading ur blogs are a sure stress buster for me... and though i know u for a long time... but known u better through ur blogs..
    Yes tht one point in ur blog ws also a concern for me as well... i can v.well guess who tht cosin hav been...
    just imagin all the 'viddithams' in ur blog he might hav read.... hehhee.. ;)