Book Review: The Hindi - Bindi Club!

Ok now no snickering - neither at the funny title nor at the frequency at which am devouring books (Blame it on my hubbs exam schedule!)!!

Ha so on this one - The title seemed a bit cheesy 'The Hindi - Bindi Club!' and the Back page review spoke of 'Relationship between Desi NRI Moms and their First Generation ABCD childern'... Ha U know wht the story line is gonna be - Unhappy parents - Unhappy to be rooted from their motherlands, cultural shocks, Racism and of course the usual ABCD generation saga(American - Born - Confused - Desi).......enuf to make me wary n put the book down!! But picked this again on the booker seller’s recco (Thusi gr8 Ho) and this was a nice surprise read....... Of families, of mother - daughter bonding!

The story is of 3 ladies now well in their 50's or 60's who made US their home post childhood in India n their first generation US Born n bred daughters! The identity crisis that the young ladies face - of the struggle between arranged vs love marriage, of a long-ago-but-not-forgotten love affair that now threatens her marriage, of the not-so-smooth relationship with father, of marrying foreigners, of treading a off-beaten career path (A Q 4 U – Which of these q’s is now lurking on my mind :-D)!! Ha well as with other young brazen people of the world they do not expect their mothers to empathize with it(me too - v guilty in this front) ...... But But dont we conveniently forget the fact that our mothers have been here - done that....... They may not have faced a ditto - to - ditto situation - But give them a chance...After all they are ur mothers n they know u the best!! This is what the book is all about.... N am surprised at the line I just wrote........ something I never consciously thought of even as I finished the book.... goes on to show that the author is indeed done a gr8 job in driving the point home without boring u with sermons :)


  1. Oh this cud nt hv come @ a better time .. I am gng to Landmark today evening as I am done with all those I hd @ home. Wil pick this one up :)

  2. ooyshhh.... one more book!!!.... tht was quick....