Yosh! Yosh! Am here!!

Ha been back after almost a week....... N yeap yeap feels gr8 when people knock to say "Hey whens the next post coming thru" Thank U guys  So whats been up the last week - quite a bit… read on to sample it!

First the not-so-good-things in last week ~~ well funnily all @ work place..... Am surprised as to how the two seem to be overlapping... until a few months back work was work. Peiod. U would hardly c a blog on my work or work place but isnt tht changing.....Hmm an interesting observation even for me! Now back to the subject - Ha the work I do requires me to call a mgr in the morning and do some reporting on last day happenings - The saddest part being tht this call is at an unearthly hour of 7:30 in morn when ur highness must hv just woken up! The saving grace until last week was the mgr herself - A person I love... so the call slowly turned to something I looked fwd to ... more on lines of a morning cup of coffee :) But but do good times last! They dont!! So from last week am supposed to be calling everybody else except her n putting up with their airs the first thing in morn............grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Silly u say - Arre na its this activity my day starts off with.,... it sets the tone for the day ....so isnt it being pleasent important????

End of bad times... na na! But a farewell deserves a blog in itself! So lemme put it in 'parking' slot for now!!

Now for the good things... smile people smile :). It was yours trulys B'day ..... N makes me once again realize tht its not just 'real' people n world that make sur day.... The virtual worl of social networking sites, blogging play a equal if not more role! Thnx guys 4 making ma day! The day calls for a blog.!(Gosh! quite a few pending)... na not for celebrations....was more of a subdued, homely celebration this time.... but more for the bitter-sweet beginning tht the day started off with! But but there was somebody special's special gift that (nothing materialistic..... More in terms of a message, a special hug) that didnt come thru which kinda made day incomplete!

N now for the the the happiness n love of ma life... My little niece who is currently visiting me! Ha the joy tht the lille ones bring... The unconditional love, the simple things that define happiness for them(A visit to park is all she needs to make her day.... so uncomplicated, so simple).....N the tight hug she gives when u reach home from work is all I need to get ma energy back :) Makes u feel so v loved  Calls for another blog again (ooph! U say)

So thts what last week is been about...... A big slice of life!! A lot of food for thought!

Edited To Add: How could I write abt the week and miss writing about being made to make rotis at a good 30 mins past midnight!! Ha I was coaxed, reasoned n then thhreatenended untill I obliged! Life I say is a big unfair business!!!


  1. first thing... u stole my line....!!!! hahaha... nvr mind. i forgive you.... !!

    ur blogs are becoming more and more funny, an entertainment kinda sorts for me... rofl... knowing u personally, fighting with you on a daily basis.. and seeing, hearing your reaction for everyting that happens around you.... I gotta say.. not bored reading the same online... !!!

    but man.. the highness thingy... , threatened stuff for rotis... haha... u r still a 6 yr old kid... no doubt about it... !!!

    anyway... hopefully this 39th birtday of urs will bring some maturity into you... here's wishing u a happy birthday once again... :)

  2. Oh ho .. hope those mrng calls get better soon :P
    Aww the time u spend with ur niece .. hw sweet :) Wil b waiting for a post on her :)
    And the rotis .. lol :P Y @ that unearthly hr ;) I do end up cooking @ such times though when I get late from office sometimes ;)

  3. Reading your blogs are truely enteraining!!... Midnight roties!!!!..... u shd write a blog on tht one tooo.... he he ehe