Tag of 5ives!!

Ha with the :) restored back I am more than happy to do this Tag...Thank U Swaram...Hmmm but first tag after so much of blogging...doesnt talk much of my popularity...does it!!

Ha Swaram, couldnt u hv tagged on an easier n not so ‘need-to-use-your-brains’ tag!! Lemme c what I can do here now....

5 pathetically horrible movies you’ve seen:

Hello!! Dont U know tht me no big fan of movies!! N to list 5 pathetical horrible ones.... Well if u promise not to boo at me I'll make a silent exit!! Seriously, in recent times for a movie to hold my attention it better be good... Else its conveniently forgotten n is put into trash box!! So sorry but no names here

5 accessories you can create out of food

Why the hell will I want to make an accessory out of food when I can do much better things with it(to be of course read as eating)! Hmm now now this one I cant feign ignorance, so lemme try getting some inspiration from the forgotten days of Fancy Dress in school!!

• Will a green chilly hanging out of ma ear lobes make for a nice matching ear rings?
• How about a Big round lemon on a string - Will that be counted as a smart pendant piece:-D
• Can a string of green peas be passed off as a bracelet?
• A string of Carrots can be made into a smart belt?
• Can I have a edible pendant made of the purest of chocolates :-D

5 places where you won’t be seen dead at

Ha another difficult one....Ask me 5 places that I would waana be seen at!! Hmmm now lets see what can I churn up here..... Lemme tweak it a bit to read "5 things I hate heading to"

• One of those places that plays that mindless rock Music..... Anybody ever been to those Hard Rock Cafe where people do those mindless head banging...My hubbs for one is a big fan of it! But it gives me creeps!!!
• In a dentist's chair......Blame it on those root canals!! I just cant wait to jump out of the chair!
• Ha now this is strictly for ladies only - From a Gynecology check up!! I hate it when they put their hands at all wrong places....grrrrrrr! N to top it all they give me such glareful looks when I as much as whimper!!!
• In one of those meaningless - stomach crunching giant wheels n other machines u see in those amusement parks! I just hate those n of course it translates to a big affinity for my hubbs....Ooph opposites do attract (or lets say end up together!)
• A day out with anybody in my 'Dont-Like-U' list N me being me the list is long enuf!!

5 people you’d love to hit, anytime, anywhere

• That stupid bugger of a person who did the most obnoxious thing ever in ma life! Ha the only reason why I haven’t done that (not that am proud of it) is cause this would make my mom loose all the belief she has on people in the world! But but hasn’t life given him enuf of punishment...I know I know I can be meanish...But well he deserves it thou my heart does go out to his family!
• The horridest of the HOD one can ever have! Made me loose so much of respect that I always hold my teachers with..... Imagine somebody being so jobless that he would snoop into each of students profile in orkut n spread stories...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
• The Molester Cop Mr.Rathore!! Ha so much wanted to post abt him... Thnx Swaram for giving me a chance to bitch abt him!
• Mr. Muthalik of Pink Chaddi Day! Lets add all the politicians who makes this places less than a happy place to live in!!
• Mr.Manager at my ex-company - The one who cropped a sense of non confidence in me which took ages to brush off!!

5 things you’d do to scare anybody

Hee Hee.... Lemme try n come up with some loony ideas here just to lighten up the mood post the last paragraph!!

• Ha sing a song for You!! Am sure people would run miles away if I as much as try humming a song :)
• How about a dance!! Me with my two left legs...am more than capable to make sure u end up with a fractured leg...he he he!
• Or possibly cook for You! Whip up a full fancy meal minus any help from my dearest hubbs...Now now I waana c how many of them would dare try it(I possibly love my hubbs a little more just for this bravado act of his...Imagine eating what I cook with a straight face :) )
• Offer to make a important power point presentation!! Now if u worked with me u know what am talking of...ROFL!
• Or how about trusting me with ur most expensive, fragile piece of cutlery, watch, flower vase, jewellery,... U get the flow rt! Before u know it I can vouch to do irreparable damage to it thnx to my butter fingers(or as my hubbs says Ghee-Fingers :) )

Thnx Swaram! I truly enjoyed doing this Tag :)


  1. man.. Praveen's (her hubs lol) got hell of a patience to be living with u...

    but again, I think only he can handle u... no one else can... !!!

    i see u have modified a few things... lol... i still got the original copy of ur post... (wink)...

    i no about her two left legs, she is more of a donkey... kicking people around... so its obvious she cant dance... lol

    More over she begged n pleaded me to add some comments.... just doing that for being friends with her... (sad face)

  2. Girl, u made me stop @ edible pendant made of the purest of chocolates ... I so feel like hvng that nwww! The best anybody cud hv come up with ;)

  3. Where is the original post :P

  4. As much as I wud like to believe and say I face things bravely, its the exact opposite when it comes to doctors :P I am so so scared ;)

    Abt ppl u love to hit, I will def. give u some support there! Never mind .. it does happen that we say they had it properly for what they did! Doesn't make us bad :P

    I wanna try out the green chilly earrings esp. given my luv for anything spicy ;)

    LOL @ ur ideas to scare ppl and yay! none of them scared me ;) So, when cn I drop in for lunch!