Weight(y) issues!

Well what do I say?? If u even know me minuscusely, u know I n Food go hand-in-hand! 'Foodie' is a title tht I look up with reverence......

So dieting n weight were issues tht I wasnt hugely worried about... Also as ma frnd says my height ensures tht all the extra weight spreads equally across the full 5'6 inches of me n so it aint  a eye-sore! Bottomline ~~ I jus couldnt be bothered more ~~ Life is all abt good food n happy times dearies !!  But but all good things gota come to an end one fine day don they!.....

On one of the (Now) routine visits to the Mr.No-Nonsense-doc he decided tht am 10 kg overweight n gives me an ultimatum tht I gota lose 2 kgs overnight... One month is overnight na??? Else u said?? Ha letta not go there......  So imagine ma life now..... No yum-yum food, no chocs, no sweets.. sob sob sob!!!!!  What fun is left in life I say!!!! N ho not to be missed was the Boy-Am-I-Pleased snicker on ma hubs face....... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

But jus to compensate the lack of these happy notes ~~ A dear frnd decided to gift me ma b'day gift in advance(A good 1.5 months b4... LOL!).... Isnt tht sweeeeeeeeeeet :-D Thnx Sweets :)

Pic Courtesy - Google

N I hv to tell u this..... Why do u think she picked this one? For one she knew tht am hooked onto these mushy-mushy M&B Kinds(Afterall she lends me thm every other week)..... But na thts not it! It seems the cover page  for some reason reminded her abt me... Now now thts a compliment aint it :-D

Linking this up to Color Deckors weekend wrapup.......


  1. Nora Roberts books are usually a good read:-) Hope to see you at My Dream Canvas.

  2. That's a beautiful cover page and def. a compliment :)

  3. the cover of that book is gorgeous.. and its always nice to receive a Nora Roberts book.. and even better to receive an advance gift.. She might buy you something more on your bday.. *smiles*..
    And dont be so stressed about the doctor... Its his job to say things like that.. *smiles*

  4. Guess who's ths???March 18, 2011 at 4:05 PM

    Reading is very bad habit but writing is better than reading....don't read other books try to make others to read books written by u :-)