Lyrical Sunday - 2!

Ha dono if I ever mentioned this in ma blog here... while u may hv on n off seen the tag of 'guruvayoor' in ma posts... The place I actually hail from is 'Mammiyoor' which is a few meters fom guruvayoor temple! Now if u from anywhere in God's own country you would know that Mammiyoor is known for Shiva Temple!

Now now I come from a family which firmly believes that their day is incomplete till they pay a visit to the temples around... So goes without saying that a good part of ma vacations hv been spent in these temple grounds.... Two visits a day(morn n eve) was the doctrine then!  The eve part was at least a bit more 'Pleasurable'... the air is much cooler(Imagine walking a good one km bare footed in the hot sultry summer sun in kerala) n there was the evening 'Aarti' to look fwd to(Not tht I remember looking fwd to it ever)!

N in Mammiyoor the evening Deepaaradhana(aarti) is bought in with a prayer-song 'Samba Sadha Shiva....'.  Imagine  a group of ladies(with a few boys n an odd ben) singing this in chorus(Ma cousin used to lead this in her hey days)........... While during my school days I truly couldnt wait for it to get over n get out, today this very song brings along nostalgia n a lot of precious memories :). Here's the abridged version of the same....

Maha-Shivratri is the only reason I can think of for this devotional-nostalgic burst

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  1. I am from Kerala and I donno anything about Mammiyoor.

    Nice one. Takes you back to the malayalam movies of the 80's.

    ambalam, sundariyaya heroine, chandana kuri, angane angane ..