The story of Men, Parrots N the Moon!

Imagine a group of men all in their late 40s or early 50s ~~  Typically middle class ~~ possibly govt employees ~~ Possibly with families n tons of problems on their heads!!! Now what would you typically expect them to do on a weekend morn??? Possibly lecture their children on blah-blah-blah or sit with the morn newspaper-tea worrying abt the increasing rates or go shopping for veggies or possibly scan the matrimonial ads in newspapers:-D)

Now will u believe if I tell ya that instead they spend their morns feeding the parrots in cubbon park ~~ They come armed with grains, packets to fill feeding holes with water n then jus sitting back n gawking at the flock of parrots that come! Imagine the sight for a sec will ya ~~ A flock of parrots that u can gaze at to ur hearts content :)

But sadly when I went visiting a group of photographers(ma hubbs included) scared those poor pollys away .....what withe their scary cams n lenses! (Seriously they remind me of canons!)

In another news did ya get a chance to watch the sooper-Moon! Heres a glance of it~~

Yo yo! The pic is courtesy hubbs!!

But ofcourse all the weekend bonanzas gets linked to Color Deckors :)


  1. I didnt get a chance to watch the moon... Im one of those photographers as well.. who shooo away anything.. *smiles*.. Hence I only click pics of furniture now.. *smiles*..

    I like the idea.. of going to a near by park.. and feeding some birds... awesome!!

  2. i missed seeing the supermoon too...thanks for stop by my blog(s)

  3. Aww the parrots - so nice of them to be dng that and wow that u get to see them :)

    I luved the super moon :D