Baby of the House :-D

Aaaaww... Isnt he the cutest baby around :-D.

Anybody waana guess who this cutie pie of a baby is?? :-D. The title should be the biggest hint.

Linking this up to the Friday Faces ... Interesting concept aint it... Putting up any random pic for the theme 'People' ...  may be a child on the street who smiles back at me… a singer who fascinates me, an artist who impressed me which her art, a street vendor who sold things to me with a biggest smile and happiness, sometimes a face that Ojas made that amused me, pretty looking sister or cute looking mom and so on….

Truly there cant be a betta theme than people for any photographer(Not tht I claim to be one) ...... The pleotra of emotions, expressions, colors......


  1. erm!! Baby of the house?? or the MAN of the house?? lol

    Good one

  2. super cute is that u?

    thanks for taking part in this