Thursday Challenge - 4

Wondering what an ordinary car like this is doing any justice to the theme..... Haa read on...

This dear car was our first car.. Well truly hubbs owned this few years before marriage! So goes without saying that we hv a lotta pleasant memories associated with this one... The first date, the first drive, the many hols, the first home, A stolen kiss(:-P)........ N not to forget the 'Hide-N-Seek' stories that hubbs played in dodging the police(Thnx to the out of state registration).  Thou as a dark cloud remains a reminder which I hope we bid goodbye to soon....

N this weekend this dearest Rampyaari(title courtesy hubbs frnds) of ours atlast bids good-bye to us :(. Here is hoping that it brings its new owners a lotta pleasant-happy memories!


  1. Its always a tough one to part from a longtime companion. be it vehicle, friends or family. Some still find ways to hold on to it.

    It is not a must for old to make way for the new. But people think differently.

    good one