What is the worst abuse in a marriage.....

Physical abuse or mental abuse?

Well I know each is bad n each to be condemned! But today I hit over a new perspective...

Physical abuse is something that jus about any 3rd person can see , will generally involve a lotta hue-n-cry n so many educated, so-called upper middle class husbands of today will refrain from doing! But look at the Mental abuse esp the subtle ones.. You know the ones tht if pointed out looks silly but jus makes the daily life difficult and is bound to  make the persons life miserable(if not hell) n look at the catch! Nobody will out rightly point  a finger at the culprit, the victim over a period of time learns accepts it as one of the 'Peeves' n learns to live with it!

So while in physical abuses the culprit is sooner or later pulled up, in mental abuse the victim most possibly than not doesnt even realize that he\she is being subjected to it!

No no no don let any alarm bells ring! All is welll... Must be all the reading n talking thts put this idea into ma mind!

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  1. Marriage is an abuse, so can it get any worse?

    Lol Kidding, Nice one.