To all the beautiful women in my life.....

.....Thank You for making my life beautiful!!

Well If I start thanking each of them this space wouldn’t be enuf...But how can you let such a important day pass without a token of thanks!

So here is to

My mom ~~ Well goes without saying doesn’t it!

My MIL ~~ For being what you are! It just lets be me what I am :)

My dearest sis ~~ Hmm lemme not even attempt writing anything here! I know I know the post is due

My Cousins ~~ Well its once in blue moon that we get to meet. But those stolen moments on phone, net make up for them......Don't they!

My friends online as well as offline ~~ You make my daily life - virtual, ofice, home a little more livable! Swaram, A special mention for u here ~~ Thank you for being the most regular reader here :)

To my super - duper Manger ~~ I wonder why am I writing abt her here after she calls me 'Pea - Sized Brains', 'Lazy Bums' (Yeah yeah exact words)!! Cause she is simply 'super-Duper'....The passion n dedication of hers makes me only wonder (No aspirations to be that thou :-P). But most importantly its for the kind of person that she is!

And to my little niece ~~ The love of my life!

Ladies, you rock!

ps: 8th March also marks the first day of my corporate career....a good six years ago!!!


  1. Wow! What a day to start ur career :) Congrats on completing 6 yrs ..I want a treat ... that cake may be, when we meet :)

    And what a lovely post for the day :) may u bond with them strengthen with time :) And ahem, thanks a lot for the mention :P

  2. Indeed... wat a day to start a career than this... Long way to go women.. i am sure u will have a great career..
    and the cake is looking really yummy!!...
    sombody is on experimental mood... the jelly, then the cake... wats cooking.. ;)