Myraid Are the colors of L;ife......

Did u go aaaw looking at the pic! Then go ahead give me a biggg round of applause!

Ladies n gentleman, presenting to you "Through The Looking Glass" ~~ A project 365 PhotoBlog ~~ Do hop in lemme know how u liked it!

N here is anoter quip from the same hands tht clicked those pics....

Value of Life

Gone are the days when people respected life
Now all they do is live on the edge of a knife
How different was it before when people fought
Now its taking away life without even a thought
Young people assuming everything can be done by force
Displaying absolutely no sign of remorse
What exactly is going wrong here
Why is everything thrown out of gear
The answer to that is sadly lost
A life taken is the final cost

Now before u go ahead n gimme yet another round of applause, lemme bow n hand the full credit to ma hubbs dearest! Na na me not among one of those ladies who pass on all credit to their husbands.. These u c are his creations with zero % contribution from me :-D! So why the first round of applause to me u asked... Cause well I believe tht I inspired(!!!! ok nagged) him to kick off his farmville~~ Mafia wars n take up something more creative(Nope nope ~~ Nobody taught me anything called humility)

Linking this up to ColorDeckors! Why u said when theres nothing weekend(y) abt this?????? Well cause everything beautiful finds a place there rt :-).


  1. Now .. thats gorgeous!! What a lovely capture... and such lovely words.. Yes.. you should take total credit for it...:-)

    and yes... all pretty things can be linked to my blog... specially from you!! :-) Thank you for linking in and making my day!!

  2. Ofcourse there is a woman behind every successful man :P The credit is all urs my girl ;)

    Get him to click and write more :)

  3. Brilliant photography and wonderful play with words :)
    You and your hubby are very creative indeed :)

  4. of course the credit is all yours!!! in fact much more than if you had taken the photo on your own.

    ps. i loved the little poetry!