Christmas came late(or early)!

All it means is it was time for some 'gifting' business.... yoo we(or at least the hubbs) hit the jackpot! One thing thats been there in his wish list for a long time  is a DSLR n thts what he gifted himself over the weekend!

Pic courtesy Google!
Remains to see how soon ma boy outgrows his fascination :-D. For since yest hes literally been eating-drinking-sleeping the cam .....Imagine the booklet accompanied him to Loo today(!), I wake up to the sounds of photo click-click!!

Imagoine a shopping spree, yum yum food(read fishy fishy :)) with a few of my fav peoples... The perfect weekend bonanza formuale!

But of course this links upto the Colordeckors weekend wrapup... No betta feature than weekend wrapup huh.. after all don all good things happen on a weekend ......I got married on a fri tooo... LOL!


  1. ha ha... really.. thats super cute... Fridays are good.. !! I think mine was on a Wednesday.. dont know why!!

    Anyway... the camera is an addiction... be warned... My cam eternally lies around the house.. I click pics of anything... everything.. an ant.. the sunset... the kids.. the books.. the candle... Its super super addictive... :-)

    Tell him to simply enjoy the clicking... :-) Its good fun..

  2. This is cute, cameras are such an addiction. Enjoy..