Eight Fears!

Yikes! Not something I look forward to writing... Anyways here we go:

  1. Of Losing near n dear ones to death! Tht for sure is the biggest of my biggest fears ~~ So the moment somebody seems off my radar, my brain does a Topsy turvy n will jump to the worst conclusions! Sheesh!
  2. Of staying put alone! Mornings I manage with no sweat, but come night I will manage to hear all strange noises n sounds, see shadows lurking... Basically all the horror movie works!
  3. Of Losing control! This I think is the reason why I don enjoy\am scared of the roller coaster rides, of swimming...
  4. While am not scared of heights, actions like jumping(eve if its a dismissal 5ft) or climbing up\down a uneven surface can make me n people around go bonkers!
  5. Of numbers, finance, tax... Esp the last one! N so extends to excel, macro, spreadsheets....
  6. Of Gynecs :-/ All the poking they do gives me creeps!
  7. Of goofing up at work but mind you not of failures ! Na na doesn in anyway translate to perfection.. Am so v blissfully far from it!
  8. Of creepy creatures - Which literally translates to rats\snakes and well not-so-literally to humans!

Ha! This wasnt as bad as I was presuming it to be!

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