Book Review: The Feast Of Roses

Part  2 of the triology series by Indu Sundaresan...

Now now is this something u hv experienced b4.... Letta say theres this book of XYZ author tht u reading for the first time n fall head over heels in love with it and cannot wait to finish the next book only to be disappointed.. You know the bane of high expectations...

Well even this one I was so abt to write it off as yet another victim of my 'expectations'.. But but for once I was proved wrong :). Post the first few pages, Indu Sundaesan weaves her magic seamlessly!

Th story of a lady much ahead of her times who dint bow to convention or opinion (Eva wondered how life never comes easy for them... Be it a few centuries bac or even today!) , who ruled over the empire (at a time when women were supposed to be Jus heard n not seen!)  ..... so much so that many a people thot the king was wooed by her beauty n is now a slave to her whims n fancy! For a min hv yea thot in how many context do we hear this line being quoted! This book for one gave a food for thot to this line of thot.... The difference between love(to be read as mutual trust n love n belief) n lust is one that only the giver-recipient can differentiate while the entire world can chose to ake their own perspective!

As I said before, loved the way a character from our history books is bought back to life ~~  In a way that not only do we empathize wth her, we slowly but surely will begin to Like-respect them! I for one know that whenever I hv a glimpse of Taj, am gonna hv a few names n stories drifting in ma mind! Indeed A gr8 read!

Jus a grouse thou: The Family Tree at the start of the book kinda gives off the plot of the story doesnt it... I guess the reason for not hiding it maybe cause of the assumption that the readers outa there know their history well... Sheepishly thou lemme acknowledge tht it may not be the case n for them the family tree can indeed be a big let away of the plot!

Haa cant wait to get ma hands on Shadow princess now!

Edited to add:  A underlying lesson from this book..... Not every man (be it now or generation back) can be man enuf to accept tht his wife having a upper hand(in career, life) in no way undermines his 'Man(li)Hood"... You need to be man enuf to let the lady of ur life be herself!


  1. good one. I am not sure about this though!!
    "difference between love n lust is one that only the recipient can differentiate while the entire world can chose to ake their own perspective!"

  2. Lolzzzz dumb be :P
    I loved all the books in this trilogy :) She is such an authority on historic fiction! Surely brings everything alive :)

  3. well well the cynic peeps out :)