100 Years Of 'THINK'ing....

... Is what ma comp celebrated Today .... Lemme do this simple yet elegant Video do all the talking!

Pic Courtesy TOI

Indeed to a great extent I would say am proud to be an IBMer but well pride doesn fill ur wallet does it! Hmm tht apart am sure every other person working there would agree tht its the place to be in.... But again cribbing as the BIG BLUE celebrates its big day does seem to be doing it justice after all the flexibility, the career opportunities it has given me and thousands of others especially the womenfolk    - so lemme reword my earlier statement to read

'Happy To Be An IBMer'


  1. He he! My sis hs been crying from sday that she did nt get to celebrate it!
    Congratulations :)

  2. good one!! 7 years in IBM and no regrets!! infact I am thankful!!