Hotel Review: UpBeat!

Hmmm jus realized tht while there seems to be a overload of book reviews in last few weeks... The one topic tht seems to hv really taken backseat is food ~~ Ha the injustice of it! So heres a review of a small cozy place where ma frnd hosted her farewell party....

Hmm eva wondered how at times a evening tends to take on the v aura of the person hosting it even with no conscious efforts on anybodys part ~~ Elegant, Old- world charm, Gr8 Music(70s- 80s Goan\Country Music), Yumm Drinks, Gr8 Food, Lotta dancing n all this seemingly pulled off with no effort!

These words are the exact ones used to describe ma frnd by those who know her n co-incidence! The ones I would use to describe this small cosy place ~~ Upbeat @ Banaswadi - Bangalore! N while no word theres a huge exaggeration here are a few dampeners ~~ The starters - Prawns in Red Wine was jus perfect ~~ Cooked jus rt so tht the prawns oozes its natural flavour! But the main course ~~ Ma Fav ~~ Rice N Fsh Curry jus dint reach there! Ha thts the only grouse ~~ Otherwise the music, the ambiance (Jus a peppering of dim lights actually) and a dance floor(with no teengaers\men vying to show off their moves) lets u sit back n relax! N hey did I tell yea tht they supposedly host the ball dance few weekends....

Nope I do hv any pics to show off... But do drop in if u in tht part of the town... U wouldnt be disappointed!  N if u do, chk out their 'The Lady In Red' Cocktail ... I loved it!

A parting thot, how can a food post (A hotel review is a food post na) be complete without something to salivate on... so heres a click by ma hubbs (the creator .. N yea jus to get the point in I cut all those damn onions n tomatoes) of his Sunday morn breakfast!


  1. I am so hungry now looking at your picture..I so badly want to eat them now...

  2. U make me hungry, when I am still lazing away my Sunday mrng! Hmmpf!