Women in my life....

Hmm while a lotta book reviews - hotel reviews - Shops reviews - Holiday reviews hv been taking up this space(Albeit the last two posts), I realize tht the 'Personal' touch of pople who make my life hv taken a back seat ... So here is the snippets of  whats been truly paying havoc(k havoc is a exaggeration... but yea comes close) with my mind - heart:

*** Of a gal who decides to go fall in love with a boy (n a gem of person at tht) from a dff caste, state. Now while all her dear-n-near ones are ready to make peace with tht fact, there came  a bigger bomb namely  the 'Horoscope' which predicts a big calamity(read: death) if this marriage materializes. Now while many of us may poo-poo those believing horoscope even at this age(well I still do), who will convince her parents ... N can one truly blame them? Will they be eva able to live in peace, always scared as to when the Damocles sword will hit their gal?? :-/

***  Of a lady, whos going thru well the worst phase in her professional n personal space (Thankfully the personal life is showing some signs of revival... Anti Jinx \ TouchWood) and well ma equation with her suddenly changed from one of rock solid to a rocking see-saw! Ha let this damn phase go away soon and may I find the strength to be ma former self with her again (My bad!)

** Of a lady, whose v thot brings a smile to my face ~~ Afterall shes my evening tea partner every other day ~~ Thts like a whiff of fresh air after even the murkiest day at work! So this 'Passionate'(yes tht describes her to the 'T') lady decides that the work place ( BTW 'teaching' is no work for he... Its her calling.. A calling to which she will give her entire heart-n-soul) is doing no justice to her(Thou I hat agreeing with her.. I know tht its true) n has quit the place n is now in a maha - job hunt! Heres wishing her luck as I hope she spoon finds a place that gives the satisfaction not jus monetarily but will do justice to her passion to teach, to give back to the society!

Funny huh the ones tht I love n hate passionately always ends up to be a women ... Ofcourse there are these few obvious exceptions :)

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  1. Title is quite catchy, Women in my life,, would expect a guy to chose such a title :-)

    good one!