Nine Loves.....

'Nine Luves' courtesy The 10 day challenge tag! So here goes the list in no specific order......

  1. 'My Love, My Life' ~~ Kitsch thou it sounds, will let hubbs top the list
  2. 'Its All About Loving Ur Family' ~~ True aint it! Love them or hate them ~~ U know its somebody u will turn to at the end of the day! 
  3. My 'Soul-Sisters' ~~ Makes my life complete by holding it all together! Not taking the names here - thou they been written on-n-ff in ma blog - for well they know who they are! 
  4. Books! For the most simple n intoxicating world of imagination tht it lets u into!
  5. The lure of Travel, of vacations to 'roads'(to be read as places) less taken! Ha the pleasure of a hol well spent....
  6. Writing ~~ I know I don rock at it! But a well written article gives me a high!
  7. Food! Period. No explanation needed.
  8. Kids! The innocence and the open heartedness with which they can love u, the ease with which they can get the most cold hearted people to warm up, the charm with which they creep into ur lives n bring a smile at the end of the most damned day!
  9. Me :-D. But obvious aint it! 
So for eight fears tomo.. :-/ Not something I look fwd to!


  1. Same pinch on 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8,and 9. That's lot of stuff in common :)