8 Wants!

Ha 7 Wants.. Only 7 is it :-D. K here u go...

  1. A few rays of happiness n good luck  or rather a definite path maker in lives of certain people in ma life - So that the dilly dallying, this phase of confuSion is done with and they can move on with their lives! Include me in the list too.. I could do with a certain ray of good luck... The 'Good News' syndrome!
  2. Remember this Adnan Sami song - Mujko Bhi Lift Karadey ~~ Basically all the works in it ~~ paisa,Gaadi, duniya ka ser ~~ U got it rt :-D
  3. To Travel, travel n travel with hubbs to ma hearts content! A foreign hol\trip\assigment please?
  4. A high flying job for ma hubbs! So generous of me did yea say? Well well only tht will let me afford a  'sexy-timepass' job :-D n even stay at home if i choose to!
  5. To set up a restaurant.. Nothing fancy a basic place where they sell some chai - Calcutta style rolls, tea n stuff ! Did u go like 'Open Mouthed' cause ofcourse u heard of ma being a foodie but this was a newbie? Well well this figures in ma hubbs wish list not mine!
  6. To hv a home in a biting-old hill station ~~ Imagine having the cold air mist caress ur face every day! Ofcourse 'Biting cold' can be a harbinger for many other things... yea yea let ur imagination take a wild trip :-D
  7. A want tht pops in everyday as I set foot in the public transport(baa)... To be able to drive!
  8. Last but I guess most importantly - to love and be loved!
Ha for 6 places tomo(nee today.. I missed a post yest).. Now now we slowly getting to things closer to heart!


  1. Good one, guess last one is the most significant one!!

  2. May lady luck grant all your wishes :)

  3. Oh ofcourse, the last one is so important :)
    I wud luv to be able to come and holiday in that hill-station house of urs sometime, pretty pls ;)

    And so wish ur Want1 comes true!

  4. ha ha ha. yes. I like 7 too.. :-))