Treasures Of My Life......

Though these words of my
Shall surely fall shy
Of doing justice
To the love that I
Have for you,
But still, I shall try.

Where should I start?
It’s a task but hard.
Begin, perhaps, I should
By saying that I could
Not possibly tell you
How beautiful you are
On the outside,
And on the inside
Till the greatest depths
Of fathomable existence.

I thank you for your kindness
For your care, and concern,
And those few brief moments
When you have been stern -

When I am in the dark -
As I often am -
With nothing in sight
I have seen you there
As my guiding light;
I need you there
To wipe the tears
From my face
And keep at bay
All my fears
With your grace.

In the end I just pray
That you always be there
For me
As you always have been.
As I can't take care
Of me
By myself, on my own.
Without you
I shall feel alone
And empty.

N incase u wondering these pearls of words were drafteed not by me (Me n poems..... Please! I am not in the elite realm who appreciates poems) ... This is what my sister-of-the-heart had to say.....