10 Day You Challenge | Ten Secrets

This is a tag tht I saw here....

Recently more than one friend happened to comment on the fact that my blog rate has slowed down(Now what followed it was a sigh of loss or relief :-/)  n so heres jus for their benefit(:-D) 10 days of non stop commentary!

Day 1 ~~ 10 secrets! Hmm letta c what I can conjure up.. Here I go...

  1. I can hv the most sadist\inappropriate thots that can barge in with no notice and lurk around for sometime!
  2. "Looking beyond Peoples imperfection and accepting them for what they are" - A principle that many of us subconsciously follow at least as far as concerned. But something I had to consciously put in a effort to learn the other day.
  3. "Moderation" is not a word I relate to when it comes to eating out!  Yea yea, U r rt am almost proud of it!
  4. I cant just window - shop. My principle as far as shopping is concerned is - Pick N exit ! I know, I know am missing out on the biggest joy of life! Sigh!
  5. For all the books i read and review, for life of me I cant read a non - fiction (Level of intellect u say ~~ Well whateva!)
  6. I can be bad host especially if u r my friend! But well to my benefit, I expect my friends to feel "At Home" and well then there is no question of "Playing a host"... correct?
  7. I hv my set of color-stions. Black(or even speck of it) is strict no-no.  Blue-Green are ma lucky colors!
  8. A pro at delegation be it at work or personal :-D.
  9. A diplomacy-Personified (some read it as uncouth) until I know you or decide to keep away from u! But can be a pest if I decide to luv... Trouble either ways u c :)
  10. A child like curiosity in expoloring something new especially when it has an elemnt of risk involved!
The last 3 were coutesy ma frnd ~~ Sabina Zacharias! Did yea jus say tht they don classify to be secret anymore.... Well well to my credit there is hardly a handul who can vouch to  knowing each of this trait of mine ....

So now for nine loves tomo... I think I will luv tht one :-D


  1. Very interesting. And you can window-shop? Seriously! Oh man, I am terrible when it comes to money and shopping...

  2. Very interesting points there :)
    enjoyed knowing you better...looking forward to the upcoming posts of this tag.

  3. good one.

    Pro at delegation ...poor Pravin!!