Happy Bday Dearie......

...... today as v celebrate ur 100th day, heres hoping that you continue to be ur colorful, happy self spreading  the joy n content in you in all those who behold u.... N ofcourse this post cant be complete till we say a special thank u to ur papa (after all Fathers day jus passed by) cause  he is undoubtedly the one who dedicated his time, attention, efforts in ensuring that you moved from strength to strength even as he endured late nights to early mornings... N come to think of it am yet to find anything(am almost J of u) tht has kept ur papa hooked for so long(Ofcourse am the mama!)

N u dear papa, heres hoping tht you will nourish ur 'real-life' baby like u did this one.... With lotta time, care, dedication  :-D ... I can then rest in peace :-D

Haa tell me, tell me did I get ur imagination to run wild :-D. Well sorry dearies, all am referring to is this ~~ Ofcourse its ma hubbs baby n today is the 100th day(100th post ~~ 1 post per day courtesy Project 365) ~~ So hop on there n join me in wishing the proud papa n his creation a Happpy Bday :-D

Linking this upto Color Deckors weekend wrap up ~~ I know this dint happen over any weekend! But well aint this site a sure shot source of colors ~~ So but ofcourse anything of beauty - Joy links up there rt?


  1. Happy bday colourful baby :)

  2. Hello Meena.. How are you doing?? Long time... Lovely post.. Lovely pics as well..

    Oh.. and I love the new look and new colour of the blog.. wow.. wow!!