Book Review: The Twentieth Wife!

Been waiting to pick this book since the time Swaram reviewed it! Heres my take on it:

'TwetiethWife' is the tale of Nurjehan... I luv the way these novels brings to live what are until then jus another borinbg name peeping out from the dusty history books! Be it this book or Draupadis personification in Palace of Illusions!

This book is a winner in its own rt but it fails to hold ur attention at few places(U could blame it on my reading marthon).... Possibly cause while the book is centered around NurJahan, there are multiple instances where the focus goes away from her n is instead embroiled in the drama surrounding other characters or rather on history!

Except this one grouse, the book is a true page turner!The way her character is etched ~~ U almost end up identifying with her ~~ Not a mean task considering we are talking of a character from history few generations back! Ofcourse not to forget the share of  interesting snippets!

As I was telling a friend of mine, Gift this book to an school student and lest assured he\she will remember history like the back of their hands n will love it too! Indu Sundaresan, Cant wait to finish all the books in this Taj Triology....

Wow! Another book done for south asian book challenge :-D


  1. True, Ministry of education should bring in some creative writers to help write books for our youth.

  2. History should have the necessary spice" to make it interesting. The young generation revel in them :D

  3. She has such an authority on historic fiction! Loved reading all her books :)
    So true abt giving it to the school kids!

  4. Hey, I just finished this book for South Asian Challenge 2011. Great coincidence and fabulous book!