Hmpf..... I remember reading somewhere that expectations are bane of all our happiness! True isnt it..... N all said n done I am a person who thinks with mind not heart in most of the situations..... So in just the remotest of the situations when I let ma heart rule over my mind..... why why why should I be so badly let down!!!

While thts one extreme, on the other hand u hv friends who u in all ur mightiness dont realize their goodness n just take them for granted, go out of their way n welcome u home with a home made hot soup n dinner..... Just so that u get relief from the 'cold' tht u been throwing so much of drama around n give u all the attention in world u want... Thnx sabi :)

Hmmm... possibly this is life! One door opens when the other closes..... But truly this is one door that I wished always remained open for me! Please please lemme in n dont shut me out......

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  1. Aww u r so blessed to hv such a friend :) Hope u r feeling better now :)